Breakthrough Discovery: TV Doctor Exposes Toxic Skincare And Reveals A Revolutionary “Age-Defying” Hack!

Renowned TV doctor unveils the dark secrets of the skincare industry, and her recent discovery of ​​a surprisingly simple technique to reduce the look of wrinkles!

By Laura R.

Last updated on Fri, Mar 01 2024

Note: This is why thousands of women are tossing their toxic skincare and turning to this new technique to look younger, wowing friends and family. 

Dr. Trevor Cates recently unveiled on TV the main reason why many “anti-aging” creams and products never work for you…

Your skincare might be the cause of your speedy aging!

Shockingly, up to 80% of personal care products contain at least one toxic ingredient.¹ These chemicals are called Endrocrine-Disrupting Chemicals, or scientifically called EDCs, aka “Youth Killers”.

These chemicals are known to contribute to the appearance of premature signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and changes in pigmentation.²

EDCs are found in the food we consume, household products, and most importantly in the products we put on our face every day: cleansers, moisturizers, creams, serums…

These revelations didn’t make the big brands happy! Why? Because skincare is a $147 Billion industry, selling products that never fix the root cause of the signs of aging, instead they make it worse!

And to their surprise… she also revealed a revolutionary system that has better results than expensive brands and skincare procedures!

For our testing, we will use the Age Defying Clean Skincare System on our very own Madelyn. During her 30-year marriage, Madelyn's skin deteriorated severely due to constant stress, sun damage, and a history of occasional alcohol and tobacco use over a few years. She will use this revolutionary system to see if it can reclaim a youthful look.

Read On To Discover How Madelyn Restored Decades Of Youth To Her Look Using This Groundbreaking System

After years of not taking care of her skin, Madelyn started to show visible signs of aging. Fine lines & wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes… she desperately needed help. The Spa Dr.’s Age Defying Clean Skincare System helped her restore her youthful appearance and self-esteem.

"When I was in my 20s, wrinkles and sunspots were the last things on my mind. I never thought about using sunscreen daily, and I enjoyed a glass of wine and a cigarette every once in a while. As for skincare, I didn't pay much attention to its importance. I occasionally used the most famous brands of the moment, regardless of their ingredients. But as the years went by, I found myself miserable and embarrassed by the condition of my skin. Whenever I went out with friends, I couldn't escape the constant feeling of insecurity, rushing to the bathroom to layer on more makeup, trying to hide the signs of neglect.

Over the past decade, I've spent a small fortune on countless products that promised the world and beyond, but didn’t deliver results. So I started to believe it was too late for me. Every day, I felt guilt and remorse for neglecting my skin for so long.

But then, I met The Spa Dr. and its Clean Skincare System, and it was a game-changer for the look of my skin!

Madelyn tried one method after another with little or no results. She even considered some dangerous procedures but was unsure about the price and risks. Things were looking hopeless until recently while watching one of her favorite shows, as they revealed The Spa Dr.'s Age-Defying Clean Skincare System to the world.

Things were looking hopeless until recently while watching one of her favorite shows, as they revealed The Spa Dr.’s Age-Defying Clean Skincare System to the world.

Dr. Trevor Cates, the visionary founder of The Spa Dr., revealed her groundbreaking skincare system in an eye-opening interview, shattering the secrets kept by major brands.

After over a decade of helping thousands of women reclaim younger-looking skin, she says the key to this remarkable achievement lies in her innovative skincare line, enriched with natural age-defying ingredients.

This system addresses the visible effects of what truly causes rapid aging, making it a game-changer in skincare.

The famous TV doctor was frustrated that the skincare industry didn't offer clean, effective and affordable skin care... so she took matters into her own hands.

Dr. Cates said she felt that it was time for her to finally put an end to the false narrative that a skincare product could not be clean, effective, and affordable.

As a result, she crafted The Spa Dr's Age Defying Clean Skincare System and started offering it to the world.

"Thousands of women across the world have drastically improved the appearance of their wrinkles, dark spots, saggy skin, and blemishes using the Clean Skincare System"

The skincare secret is that after years and years of pain-staking tests and research, Dr. Cates, while working with a team of formulators, crafted a groundbreaking system that provides true age-defying results in the short term for your appearance.

The shocking part is that it is safe, and costs next to nothing!

“The dark spots' appearance started to fade, and my skin regained its firm look each day. I remembered one day my esthetician said, ‘What are you doing to your skin? It looks so great.’ ” - Allison B.

The Secret? Skinutriceuticals, Nature's "Miracle Workers"

The secret piece of the age-defying puzzle is skinutriceuticals. They are the perfect non-toxic ingredients with age-defying benefits, and free from harmful chemicals.

It’s a specific group of antioxidant-rich ingredients found in nature, that blend to help promote healthy, radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Some of these skinutriceuticals are argan oil, virgin white coconut oil, ylang ylang flower oil, bamboo extract, pomegranate seed oil, and green algae extract, just to mention a few…

Skinutriceuticals are rare ingredients that must be sourced only from trusted suppliers, which are limited. But Dr. Cates said this is why her Age Defying Clean Skincare System is so effective.

"We developed perfectly balanced formulas containing my favorite clean, safe, organic & effective ingredients. It is the only product I know that uses them in the right dosage and without being combined with potentially harmful chemicals.” - Dr. Trevor Cates.

"How do I use it?"

As you already know, an all-in-one magical solution doesn’t exist for skincare. Nevertheless, Dr. Cates wants to keep it as simple as possible, that’s why her system only includes three key products that cover every skincare need.

It consists of a gentle cleanser, an antioxidant serum, and an enriched moisturizer. And it's actually very simple to use since it only takes less than 5 minutes a day.

It's important to note that many other moisturizers, serums, and cleansers on the market can actually harm your skin in the long run, contributing to the very problems you're trying to combat.

The Spa Dr.'s System, on the other hand, is designed to provide long-lasting benefits to your appearance. It cleanses, keeps your skin hydrated all day, and gives an instant lift and tightening effect that makes your skin look fresher and firmer.

"This Clean Skincare System can soften the appearance of visible signs of aging on your skin, boost your self-esteem, and cultivate a sense of confidence that can translate into all aspects of our lives."

We Decided to Put it to the Test!

As compelling as it is to see hundreds of satisfied clients tell us their success stories, we wanted to investigate age-defying results on our own before writing this article praising them.

We opted to enlist a volunteer from our readership, and Madelyn, who eagerly embraced the opportunity, was the one to test this product.

Let's take a look at her results...

Madelyn’s The Spa Dr.’S Age Defying Clean Skincare System Results:

Madelyn, a 53-year-old woman residing in Atlanta, Georgia, shares a common concern with many women her age: the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Feeling desperate after considering highly risky and expensive procedures, she saw the Age Defying Clean Skincare System as her final option.

Here are her shocking results...

First Impression

"Wow, I can't believe it's only been a few days since I started using this system!! The changes I've seen in such a short time are incredible. My skin feels much smoother and looks more radiant already.

The appearance of fine lines around my eyes and mouth has started to soften, which is AMAZING. This gave me a sense of confidence I didn’t know I had in me. I catch myself smiling more often, and that boost of self-assurance is fantastic.

Halfway Through The System

"This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving!

My skin looks and feels firmer, and the appearance of stubborn dark spots from past sun exposure is gradually fading away. It's incredible how these changes have impacted my daily life. Now I don’t feel the need to leave home with tons of make-up and dark sunglasses.

I love myself again, and people around me have started to notice too. A colleague even complimented me on my glowy look' and asked for my secret! 

At The End Of The Initial Set

"Today I finished the first set of my Clean Skincare System journey, and I’m OVER THE MOON with the results! My skin looks and feels incredible.

The look of expression lines has continued to visibly soften, and my complexion appears more even and vibrant. The appearance of dark spots that used to bother me has faded significantly, and I couldn't be happier.

Friends and family have been SHOWERING me with compliments. Especially my husband, who thought I had gotten professional treatments done!"

And the Jury Says:

Using The Spa Dr.'s Age Defying Clean Skincare System helped Madelyn improve the appearance of her wrinkles and of the sagging skin on her face and neck, and lighten the appearance of her dark spots. Since using this innovative formula, she says she has never experienced dry and dull-looking skin again. This test confirmed what we have read from hundreds and hundreds of readers. This product is the real deal.

Since using this innovative formula, she says she has never experienced dry and dull-looking skin again. This test confirmed what we have read from hundreds and hundreds of readers. This product is the real deal.

Will This Work For You?

With the abundance of skincare products and the overwhelming hype surrounding them, it's only natural to be skeptical, especially considering how expensive they can be.

We aim to be honest and transparent with our readers, avoiding empty promises. Instead, we sincerely encourage you to embrace Dr. Cates' challenge: try it yourself!

Please remember, consistency is key! So, for better results make sure to use the Age Defying Clean Skincare System daily.

How Can You Get Yours Today?

The Age-Defying Clean Skincare System is sold on their website (thespadr.com), and they typically run out of stock due to the high demand and the complexity of sourcing the ingredients and producing this formulation.

But following our request, Dr. Cates was able to have a special one-time offer so you can try this age-defying system for yourself and experience the difference it can make in your appearance.

She has set aside 199 systems from their latest batch and offered a BIG time-limited discount. Plus, she is offering a 30-day full refund guarantee, so you know you are not risking anything.

*UPDATE: If stock is still available, our readers will be able to get their system today for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. But that’s not all, you’ll get the chance to receive a FREE Glow & Enhance Facial Oil with your order. Try it for yourself RISK-FREE: Age Defying Clean Skincare System

IMPORTANT: Dr. Cates strongly suggests that you MUST use this product DAILY to achieve optimal results.
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